Future Projects

Project Risk Quantification, Volume 2

Good news! John Hollmann is writing Volume 2 for his classic book, Project Risk Quantification. Volume 2 will add new content to cover a wider variety of industries, address contractor method uses, and add specialized quantitative risk analysis (QRA) methods and applications. It will also describe commercial software now available that apply the main methods in the original Volume 1. Finally, it will add a variety of worked risk quantification examples for common use cases along with various other updates.

The original Project Risk Quantification Volume 1 is unchanged and is still the capital project world’s best reference for empirically-valid project risk quantification methods and the accuracy data behind them.

We're planning to complete this project during the 3rd quarter, 2024.

Beyond Zoar Valley (available now)

This project is not a DA book - it is the second edition of a historical account of early settlers in Western New York State.

Beyond Zoar Valley is the fascinating biography of Carrie Busekist, who immigrated from Germany in 1865 and lived in North Otto in Western New York. The second edition is available on Kindle or from Amazon or from us (paperback).

Generations (available now)

Again, this project is not a DA book.

Generations is an interesting account about growing up on farms in Western New York State during the Great Depression and World War II. Available on the Kindle or from Amazon or from us (paperback).

Generations has been published on Amazon Kindle and is also available in paperback format from Amazon or from us.

How to Get Published

If you have written or want to write a DA book, we might be interested in publishing it for you. Or, if you want to self-publish, we can give you some helpful hints on how to do that. Send an e-mail to dave at decisions-books.com.

I can also give you some helpful hints on writing and editing, as I'm a published author (Decision Analysis for Managers, first and second editions, published by Business Expert Press).