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John Hollmann's company is named Validation Estimating. John helps companies improve their capital asset and project management system performance.

Decision Strategies, Inc. (DSI) is a Houston based DA consulting firm. DSI was founded by Gary Bush and David Skinner when Gary and David merged DSI with TIFOE in 1999. Pat Leach is CEO, Steve Jacobs is COO, and Bill Haskett and OJ Sanchez are Principals.

DAAG.NET is the home site of the Decision Analysis Affinity Group (DAAG). DAAG is an informal "tribe" of decision analysis practitioners who get together for a conference every year. The next meeting is planned for spring, 2016.

SDP, or the Society of Decision Professionals, is a group of DA practitioners sponsored by Chevron, Unilever, Strategic Decisions Group, Decision Strategies, Inc., Kromite, SmartOrg, Palisade, and Synchopation. As noted on SDP's web site, "The vision of SDP is to have Decision Professionals become the trusted advisors of choice for Decision-Makers facing important and complex decisions."

The Crystal Ball Users Group is a network of Crystal Ball (tm) users. The site has files, links, and a database of questions, answers, and discussion about Crystal Ball. The site is not associated with Decisioneering (now Oracle), the company that publishes Crystal Ball.

Rob Brown has developed a good decision analysis web site (click on his logo). Rob is an expert Analytica modeler, an experienced DA facilitator, and is writing a "Spellbook for Analytica Wizards."



David Skinner makes some of the best wine I've ever tasted. His winery - the Clear Creek Winery - is located in Kemah, TX. He's also a member of the "Six Shooter Cellars" tasting room just east of Fredericksburg, TX.

Probabilistic Publishing is a member of IBPA, the Independent Book Publishers Association. We have found IBPA to be an unusually useful organization. If you are interested in the publishing business, check these folks out! Not only that, but I've been quoted in their Newsletter.

Six Shooter Cellars is a friendly and fun wine store located on US 290 east of Fredericksburg, Texas. Wine and mead from five different wineries is available.