Angie McCartney, author of Your Mother Should Know: From Liverpool to Los Angeles


Liverpool-born Angie McCartney published her first book at almost 83 years old, and several years later, is publishing again! She celebrated her 90th birthday in November, 2019, and she is already planning her 91st, and if her past parties are anything to go by, it should be quite a bash!

The interim years have seen significant changes in her life, from opening a fruit wine company, to performing a stint in the improv comedy world with National Lampoon’s Lemmings, to delving into the world of Artificial Intelligence and learning more about the ever changing world of cyberspace (making plans to leave her brain behind when she finally “pops her clogs”). She figured that if Eleanor Rigby could leave her face in a jar by the door, she might do the same with her brain. Maybe it’ll be a bigger jar though...

Along with daughter Ruth and aided and abetted by son-in-law Martin Nethercutt, she launched a weekly live show on Facebook called TEAFLIX Tuesdays in early in 2018. The show has hosted a varied selection of guests, including writers, musicians, foodies, film makers, radio personalities, and even a thirteen-year-old young lady who introduced her to the world of slime. Yes, that gooey stuff that teens like to hurl at one another on Award shows.

This second book has the added attraction of QR codes that readers can click on with their smartphones to be linked to audio and video clips pertaining to the stories.

Angie has travelled to Europe and her home town of Liverpool, doing radio shows and appearances. She flew to Obertauern, Austria, with Cavern Club co-owner Jon Keats to celebrate the ftieth anniversary of The Beatles, filming the ski scenes for HELP! This included meeting with the man who was Paul’s stunt double on the ski slopes and a hair raising ride up the alps on a ski mobile to his lodge at the peak, to being greeted by hundreds of carousing revellers. And there’s a QR code of that, too.

Her weekly radio shows have continued with Pete Price at, and Richard Oli at www.harboroughfm., to occasional appearances at venues to raise funds for charities.

She became one of Farrah Fawcett’s Angels, participating in fundraisers for cancer-related charities. She is a member of the Westchester Elks Lodge, where she also contributes to their many children’s charities fundraisers, helping “Chef” Ruth, who cooks up a storm with well-liked British fare of the “bangers and mash” and “scouse” variety at many of their fundraisers. (What next - a series called “The Real Scouse Wives of Knotty Ash?”)

Her social media friends keep her busy with orders for Mrs. McCartney’s Teas, which she personally ships and tracks until they land safely at their destination. November, 2018 saw her appearance in a music video, shot in a “Cuckoo’s Nest” type venue for heavy metal band, “Heavy Justice,” which was produced by the family’s recently launched Production Company. She also does voice overs and writes a column for Sensi magazine in her spare time. This latest offering inclues some of her heartwarming Beatles-related stories, which is what the majority of readers want to hear ... maybe not for the first time, but as the Beatles phenomenon shows no sign of abating, she thought - why not?

Angie, Ruth, and Martin celebrate Angie’s 90th birthday, November 14, 2019.

Angie McCartney