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Dave and Debbie Charlesworth, Owners

Phone Calls: Due to the excessive number of phone solicitors, we screen all incoming telephone calls with the answering machine. Please leave a message.

International Shipping: All of our books except Skinner and Winkler (offset print only) are available Amazon's digital platform, which allows you to purchase either an eBook for the Kindle or a paperback. For Skinner and Winkler, the least expensive international shipping is via eBay. For discounts relative to Amazon, let us know and we'll set up an eBay link for what you'd like to buy. We can also ship via DHL. DHL is quick and reliable but expensive.

Hagen Videos: Brian Hagen has developed an excellent video series to accompany Problem, Risk, and Opportunity Enterprise Management. Highly Recommended!

Reduced Pricing: If you are on a budget, we have a few copies of Skinner, Winkler, Leach, Hollman, and Hagen that were returned from bookstores and have slightly damaged covers due to bookstore rough handling that are available for 50% off AND free shipping via USPS Media Mail. eMail dave at decisions-books.com and we'll send you either a PayPal or SquareUp invoice for what you'd like to order.

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We use the PayPal ordering system for website book orders. We also accept major credit cards using SquareUp.

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Our Purpose

Probabilistic Publishing's mission is to publish significant decision and risk analysis books and keep these books in print so that key publications are available for managers, executives, students, faculty members, and decision analysis professionals. We have deliberately kept our prices low so that students, employees, and small business owners can reasonably afford them. This is truly a labor of love for us, as we have found decision analysis to be a compelling and useful set of tools and have enjoyed working within the "DA" community.